Here’s what a few of my clients have to say about my work:

Transcript Proofreading (Court Reporters):

  • I have no complaints. You have been doing great. All of my needs have been met.
  • You have surpassed all my expectations. As you know, court reporters work on tight deadlines, and every single time, you have helped me to easily meet those deadlines. I am beyond amazed at how fast the turnaround for my transcripts are, and I appreciate it immensely. You have caught all the small words that I miss, I know that’s one of my biggest issues when it comes to editing and writing, it’s all the small words that make a difference. Thank you for making my transcripts cleaner.
  • I have been enjoying Allison’s services for about four months now. I have been thoroughly satisfied. I have been reporting for 32 years and have actually learned some things from Allison. I can tell she checks every proper title, name, etc., and even checks my index page numbers! In addition, I can pay online straight to my business credit card in seconds. Very professional in every aspect.


Manuscript Proofreading (Authors):

  • You were quick and efficient. Learned a lot from you and a lot about myself and my bad habits in writing. I was so happy. You saved me after I had to redo my book at the last minute because I decided to tell it from another viewpoint.