For Transcripts (Court Reporters):

Prices per double-spaced page of 25 lines:

Normal (48 hour turnaround)- $0.35 per page

Expedited (36 hour turnaround)- $0.45 per page

Rush (12-24 hour turnaround)- $0.60 per page

There is no extra charge for weekends.

New clients get the first 15 pages free!

Refer a client and get another 15 pages free!

General Guidelines:

Please e-mail transcripts in the final stage of editing to allison@purpleroseproofingservice.com in PDF format. Contact me for more information on how to convert to PDF if needed. I will e-mail the corrected pages back in PDF format. These should be opened in Adobe or a PDF supported platform in order to see all corrections.

For Manuscripts (Authors):

$0.008 per word

$0.010-$0.012 per word for a manuscript needing extensive cleanup

Turnaround time depends on length of the manuscript.

General Guidelines:

Contact me for proofreading when your manuscript is finished, edited and needs that final proofing to clean up grammatical errors. I proof in PDF and Word doc format.